Solar collectors

Solar collectors for building integration or mounting on flat roofs

The collector is designed for building integration, and is delivered as modular building elements, replacing regular roof or façade covers. It can also be placed in cassettes for mounting on flat roofs. In addition, Aventa is an OEM supplier of solar collector components to window producer NorDan AS, NorDan Solar – solar collectors in window-solutions.

The solar collector is constructed as a compact multilayer module. Solar radiation is converted to heat in the absorber sheet, pure water absorbs the heat which is deposited in the absorber and carries the heat to a heat store. The solar system is operating automatically by means of a pump controller. In periods without possibility for solar harvesting, the controller stops the circulation and the liquid in the collectors drains within few minutes. Aventa solar systems will not require much maintenance. However, we recommend checking the system status once or twice a year to see if water levels are appropriate (it is an open system, and a very small amount of water may evaporate).

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Stand-alone solar collectors based on the thermosiphon concept

Our stand-alone solar collectors for water heating are based on thermosiphon (self-circulating), where the natural tendency of heated water to rise and cooler water to fall is utilized. This is a unique concept® from Aventa with higher performance and lower production costs than conventional thermosiphon products.

The thermosiphon system consists of a solar collector linked to a heat store. Both the absorber and the heat store are constructed in a temperature-resistant polypropylene material. The cover is a twin wall polycarbonate sheet.

The solar systems are produced in two different versions. One has a tilt angle of 45°and can either stand alone or it can be fixed to the roof of a building. The other version is designed for mounting vertically on the building façade.

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