Solar collectors, control systems and support products

AventaSolar solar systems are offered as complete solutions consisting of solar collectors, heat stores/water heaters and advanced controllers for low temperature heating with built-in energy consumption metering. The heat stores are adapted to the drain-back concept and the electronic controller has design and software optimized for system performance. The solar systems can be used in a range of applications, from small-scale domestic hot water production, to large-scale solutions covering hundreds of square metres of collector area. The solar collectors are divided into two categories; one intended for aesthetic building integration and the other for stand-alone systems based on self-circulation

Solar collectors

The AventaSolar solar collectors are not pressurized (drain-back) and pure water is used as heat carrier. The use of polymeric materials give low weight solar collector modules that are easy to handle and install. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results clearly indicated that the polymeric solar collector system is more favourable than traditional collector systems. The collectors are certified with the Solar Keymark.

  • Flexible lengths – architectural freedom
  • Replaces other roof-/facade cladding  – cost saving 
  • Low weight – easy installation

Control systems

Aventa has developed a heating regulation based on the estimation of the future heat demand for buildings with floor heating systems. The regulation system secures energy effective operations, stabile indoor temperatures and personalized monitoring of heat and electricity usage. It can be used with or without Aventa’s solar systems.

  • Stabile indoor temperature and minimum energy use
  • Built in energy metering – no extra costs
  • Built in communication module – information, billing and remote service

Solar collectors

Support products enhancing the functions of the solar collectors

  • Heat store
  • Water heater
  • Solar window