Aventa approved as a supplier to UNHCR

Aventa has received approval as a supplier to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR. First delivery contract has already been signed and 80 stand-alone solar collectors will be sent to a refugee camp in Uganda during Q1 2018. The solar collectors will supply hot water for hygiene purposes.

Aventa offers a self-circulating heating system (thermosyphon) for tap water based on polymer collectors. The system operates automatically without the need for electricity, pumps and control equipment, and it has a favorable price. The fact that the solar panels are made in polymeric materials means that there is no danger of corrosion and the low weight makes them easy to handle.

Representatives from UNHCR visited Aventa and our production facility in early October, and there has been a thorough review of both the product and the manufacturing process. Approval of Aventa as supplier and Thermosyphon collectors as a suitable product came during November. UNHCR has now established a collaboration between Aventa and EDILSIDER S.p.A Modular Housing. EDILSIDER is a contracted supplier to UNHCR on small prefabricated modular houses for refugee camps.