National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana showcased NorDan Solar at the 2016 MOS


The MOS is one of the largest and most important trade fair events in Slovenia with 1,500 exhibitors from 35 countries and more than 125,000 visitors. A new feature this year was the Crossroads of Science and Economy element, supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. This special part of the exhibition promoted cutting-edge technologies and new technological innovations and processes. The National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana was one of several scientific institutions present at the stand. The institute has developed a special type of color painting – TISS coatings – that will improve both the efficiency and aesthetics of solar collectors. The NorDan Solar concept with solar collectors integrated in traditional window frames was used to illustrate state-of-the-art solar collector solutions.

NorDan Solar is a new window-integrated solar collector concept where polymeric absorbers are integrated in standard window frames. When integrated in new or existing buildings, the NorDan solar collector replaces the cladding. This is both favorable for the architectural expression, and in terms of the limited use of materials compared to traditional façade-mounted solar collectors. However, the most prominent advantage with this new solar heating product is that it is embodied in a unit which carpenters and other skilled installers are familiar with handling at the building site.


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