Ancillary products

Aventa HS – Heat Store (producer: Aventa)


Aventa HS is a complete heat store for solar combi systems. The heat storage offers the freedom to accumulate the energy when it is available or is economically beneficial, and to utilise it when it is needed. The heat capacity usually corresponds to 1-3 days of heat demand. The heat store can be heated during daytime by solar energy or during night-time by taking advantage of low-cost night tariffs for electricity. It is also useful in combination with bio-energy, oil, gas or heat pumps.

The storage is fully equipped with pumps, valves, controllers and connections to auxiliary heat sources. The store is made in acid proof steel and has a built-in pressure tank for hot water. The energy central itself is not pressurized.

2 standard volumes, 800 l and 1400 l

Download technical data sheet here

Aventa Solar 330 – Water heater (producer: OSO Hotwater)

AventaSolar 330 is a new, integrated heat store concept for solar domestic drain-back systems produced by OSO, developed in collaboration with Aventa, NorDan, Uponor.


  • Height: 1987 mm
  • Diameter: 58 cm
  • Total volume: 331 l
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Volume,domestic hot water: 270 l
  • Volume above electric heater: 170 l
  • Drain‐back tank: 61 l
  • Outer casing: steel, epoxy coated

Download tecnical datasheet here

NorDan Solar Solar Window (NorDan)

NorDan Solar Solar Window (NorDan)

Polymeric absorbers from Aventa are integrated in standard window frames from NorDan and covered by special glass. The modules are connected with easy click‐connectors to the polymeric pipes and to the domestic hot water (DHW) heat store. NorDan Solar is certified with the Solar Keymark.