Aventa is a Norwegian company with strong competence in solar thermal energy

Our vision is to become a leading global provider of solar thermal energy by offering cost-effective and architecturally appealing solar collector systems based on high-performing polymer materials. 

Solvay has developed polymer materials for Solar Impulse…

The shift from metals to new materials such as polymers and ceramics is seen across many sectors, including automotive industry, aviation, consumables and construction. A reduction in weight and chemical sustainability is a key benefit of such a shift; as is the fact that large-scale industrial processing techniques have already been developed for polymeric products. Solar collectors in metals are produced piece by piece with fixed spatial dimensions. Solar collectors of polymer materials can be produced in continuous processes and easily be adapted to a variety of dimensions and to customers’ requests.

AventaSolar solar collector
… and AventaSolar solar collector

Aventa collaborates with leading European research institutes, universities and industries. Our business partners include Solvay, DS Smith Plastic division, Borealis, NorDan, OSO Hotwater. These partners have been central to our research, development, production and installation of pilot projects and commercial projects in Norway.

Aventa is located in Oslo (main office) and in Holmestrand (production)

R&D – Aventa is involved in several national and international projects

  •  The Nordic BuiltActive Roofs and Facades in Sustainable Renovation” project is supported by Nordic Innovation. The idea behind the project is to develop a concept for integrated solutions for renovation. The concept should result in prefabricated solutions such as facades or roof elements that can be tailored to the specific needs of the building. Read more at the project website.
  • IEA-SHC Task 54 – Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems. This Task aims to reduce the purchasing price for end-users of installed solar thermal systems by evaluating and developing sustainable means to reduce production and/or installation costs on material, sub-component, system-component and system level. Special emphasis is placed on the identification and reduction of post-production cost drivers. Additionally, the task is exploring ways to make solar thermal more attractive through improved marketing and consumer-oriented design. 
  • BioSol, combination of solar and bio-energy, represents a new concept for heat transfer from a wood stove into a water-based heating system. BioSol is funded by The Research Counsil of Norways programme for energy research – ENERGIX.
  • OPVT – is a German R&D project, on which Aventa collaborates. As a part of the project, Aventa solar collectors are coated with thin film PV.

John Rekstad

Board leader
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Michaela Meir

FoU Solar systems/ Project manager
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Ingvild Skjelland

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Bård Bjerke

Energy control system/Project manager
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Tonny Hansen

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